Thursday, 11 September 2014

Raymond Varley extradition

India goes after Raymond Varley

India goes after the world's worst peadophile Raymond Varley. With the case of Varley's extradition set to come up in a UK court on Monday (July 21), CBI asks the MEA to take up the matter with UK at the higgest possible level, seeks independent medical probe.

India's biggest international battle

He's a shameless paedophile who's played the cat and mouse game with the law for 18 years and today (July 7), India's appeal for the extradition of child rapist Raymond Varley will be heard by a court in the United Kingdom. Over the years, Varley has tried a host of tricks, including feigning dementia to escape the clutches of the law. Will India win its battle for justice today?

Glasgow CWG: Indian officials arrested

Officials in Glasgow to appear in court

Freeloading, junket hungry babus have disgraced the country at a global platform once again. Overshadowing the efforts of sportsmen with their embarassing conduct, an IOA Secretary General and a wrestling referee are currently behind bars in Scotland. Booked in two separate cases of drunken driving and sexual assault, these officials will be produced in Glasgow Sheriff Court later today.
Tainted Officials let off

A technical argument is what worked in their favour. Two freeloading babus Virender Singh and Rajiv Mehta who embarassed the nation in Glasgow have been let off due to lack of evidence. What's more shocking is that one of the two arrested men IOA General Secretary Rajiv Mehta has a dubious past and was also part of Suresh Kalmadi's croonies who looted the nation in 2010.

Charges against IOA secretary stand

In a startling revealations from Scotland Police, charges against IOA General Secretary Rajeev Mehta has not been dropped. The Scotland Yard has said that they are seeking more evidence in the matter & the Indian official will have to be present in the court once the investigation ends. Meanwhile the case against Virender Malik who was charged for a sexual assault has been closed with the Indian Wrestilng referee being exonerated.

Cricket: Ravindra Jadega- James Anderson Controversy

Judgement day for Jadega-Anderson

The James Anderson Ravindra Jadeja Scuffle gate verdict is expected on Friday (August 1). The International Cricket Council (ICC) will conduct a hearing on the charges and counter charges laid by both England and India in Southampton.

Jadeja-Anderson Spat- Verdict Today

The ICC is likely to give its verdict on Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja's alleged altercation with England fast bowler Jimmy Anderson during the first Test at Trent Bridge played between July 9-13. Ravindra Jadeja's appeal against a decision by match referee to impose fine on him will also be heard today. There was an alleged altercation at the lunch break on the second day of the first cricket Test where the Indian team management accused Anderson of a Level-3 offence as he had allegedly pushed Jadeja after an altercation. The England team filed a counter charge of Level 2 offence against Jadeja. After hearing, ICC match referee David Boon had found Jadeja guilty of Level 1 offence and slapped a 50 percent fine on his match fee which India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni found unjustified.

UK's fresh push to battle terror

UK's fresh push to battle terror

n a bid to tackle terrorism, British Prime Minister has launched fresh measures. The latest law will force airlines to give more information about passengers. Cameron even giving powers to the police to confiscate passports of suspected citizens.

Wikileaks founder to surrender?

Wikileaks founder to surrender?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange created a flutter by announcing that he was soon going to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy. Assange's spokesperson however pointed out to the legal hurdles that continue to cloud his release. Suspense continues over whether Assange will end his isolation at the embassy.

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